Resonant client logosResonant Pictures is a house built on hustle. We come from the world of documentaries—stories you leap into without always knowing the ending. We like those risks, where reward isn’t promised. They’re why we exist.

We like making things that are bigger than us—finding new ways to tell stories and reaching people and places that would otherwise be out of reach. We’re driven by the pursuit of original ideas and images that don’t yet exist. We like working with new people and being asked to do hard things. We take care of the folks who work for us.

We put these brands we’ve worked with up here so you’ll know we’re legit. What matters to us are the stories behind these logos that move people. We think our work speaks for itself and we’re just getting started.  

Brooklyn | LA | Atlanta


For new business inquiries: adam@resonantpictures.com

For employment inquiries: chloe@resonantpictures.com

For all other inquiries: info@resonantpictures.com